California Seed to Sale Tracking - METRC

California Seed to Sale Tracking - METRC

In this lesson, Simone Cimiluca-Radzins of Kalogia and Carl Ganz of CannaData solutions will discuss the key components of the METRC software, and key points you should consider as a cannabis operator when dealing with METRC.

If you have a license to operate a regulated cannabis business (you are directly touching the cannabis plan (i.e. a cultivator, processor (infused products, extraction, etc), wholesaler, distributor, lab, and retailer, delivery provider, etc.) you are required to utilize the State approved regulatory software METRC.

METRC is a regulatory compliance management solution. It exists to ensure that regulators can oversee cannabis compliance and mangagement. The system is heavy on audit and compliance and it’s main purpose is to allow regulatory users to view all licensee activities captured in the system and ensure that there is a full track of the marijuana from the seed to the final sale to the customer.

Your Instructor

Carl Ganz
Carl Ganz

Carl Ganz is the founder and lead developer for CannaData Solutions, a software company based out of Los Angeles providing Metrc compliant point-of-sales, and inventory management tools to the Cannabis industry. CannaData's goal is to reduce the burden of regulatory compliance so Cannabis entrepreneurs can focus on more important parts of their business.

Carl combines expertise from a number of areas including track & trace, HIPAA, programming, and data science. Before founding CannaData, Carl worked as a Statistical Programmer for the State of California, where he developed HIPAA compliant big data pipelines.

Whether you're a fan of METRC and regulatory compliance or not, you are required to use the software in your licensed cannabis business.

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